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Licensing and Cost

What is the main difference between franchising and licensing?

The biggest difference is that at Peachwave, you will not be charged ongoing franchise fees or royalties. Our licensees keep 100% of their profits! But, our licensees still enjoy services that typical franchises offer such as exclusive proprietary products and recipes; branding and marketing support; store opening and ongoing technology, processes and systems training; and construction consultation.

What are store ownership financial requirements?

At least $75,000 of liquid capital is generally required. However, final liquidity requirements are often determined by the need and ability to obtain bank financing and final store start up costs. When compared with typical franchises, our liquidity requirements are low because our store start-up costs are typically lower.

How much does it cost to open a Peachwave?

Estimated initial investment for a single Peachwave location ranges between $160,000 - $355,000. And because we do not charge royalties or ongoing fees, your return on investment can be MUCH quicker than our franchised competitors! The ROI of a Peachwave can range from 2-4.1 years, while our competitors can range from 3.7 years to a whopping 14.6 years!

Is restaurant experience a requirement to open a Peachwave store?

Not at all! What you will need is to enjoy engaging and actively promoting in your community, making people smile, and a basic understanding of business.


Opening A Store

Where can I open my store?

We believe that nobody knows your local market better than you. Ultimately, it is your decision. Though we can offer various screening factors based on our experience as to why some locations may perform better than others.

Who is going to build my store?

More freedom! Our licensees enjoy the fact that they can select their own local contractors and professional services to work with while still receiving store design and layout support from our expert Peachwave team. 

How long does it take to open a store?

Construction typically takes between 75 to 100 days. But, preparation and planning prior to construction is essential. Its typical to plan an additional 6 to 8 weeks prior to construction to obtain architects, contractors, local permits, a final lease, financing, and business licenses.

What is a good size for a new Peachwave?

We recommend 1,200 to 1,700 square feet.  However, we have successfully built slightly larger and slightly smaller footprints.


Store Support

What kind of start-up support will I receive?

Basically, Peachwave licensees receive free individualized coaching every step of the way because we understand the importance of winning together! We provide personal off-site, pre-open training prior to and throughout your construction phase. Your Peachwave coach will also provide extensive in-store training leading up to your grand opening (you will only pay travel costs). And, you will get ongoing operational support from your expert Peachwave coach after you open because we know that actually running a store invites a lot of new questions! Our 24/7 online Peachwave University provides you access to valuable training tools whenever you’d like.

Do you issue licenses to open new stores outside of the United States?

Peachwave currently actively evaluates the issuance of new store licenses in the continental United States, Canada, Caribbean, and Central America. For new licenses outside of these regions, only organizations with demonstrated experience and success in broadly implementing and managing new restaurant brand concepts in that region would be considered at this time.

Who do I order my store supplies from?

Another amazing benefit of being a Peachwave licensee is that you have exclusive access to Peachwave’s proprietary ingredients, branded items, disposables, maintenance supplies and various toppings at bona-fide wholesale prices. Our online licensee ordering system is available 24/7 to our licensees. And, Peachwave’s centrally located U.S. distribution center means fast, easy and efficient freight delivery of our products direct to your store.  You can also enjoy the flexibility of supporting your community and/or inviting price competition by sourcing fresh dairy and produce, other approved toppings, and various store supplies through vendors of your choice. 


How do I get started?

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