Holland Making a Difference

Posted by Peachwave on 08/05/2013

We are proud to announce a long term partnership with the Holland/Zeeland Ready for School charity!

We have begun collecting donations for the Ready for School preschool tuition assistance program which provides a quality preschool experience for eligible children age three or four in Holland and Zeeland. Peachwave WILL MATCH ALL CUSTOMER DONATIONS DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR. Ready for School will also use this partnership to share information with parents on the importance of school readiness. 

The average cost of preschool tuition in our community is $1,000 per year. This is more than many families can afford. A quality preschool experience is beneficial for the future of our children and our community. Every dollar invested in quality early education YIELDS AS MUCH AS $17 DOLLARS IN SAVINGS due to increased educational and life success. 

At Peachwave, we believe this long term investment greatly helps keep our community and local economy strong and competitive for years to come.