Peachwave Proprietary Yogurt

Our frozen tart, chocolate and cream based treats are a unique culinary experience. It starts with making Peachwave frozen yogurt in micro-batches daily with fresh milk in over 90 delightfully indulgent and ultra-creamy recipes.  They are low in fat and high in protein while being made with fresh, natural ingredients.

Peachwave Proprietary Gelato

Gelato (Italian Ice Cream) is made with milk, not heavy cream, but contains far less air than ice cream. This results in extra-creaminess and rich taste that comes from density instead of fat. Like our yogurt, Peachwave's gelato is made in micro-batches daily in our kitchens with fresh, low-fat milk, and frozen only moments before serving. This ensures maximum freshness and creamy deliciousness, without the guilt.

Dole Whip Soft Serve (Vegan/Non-Dairy)

Peachwave's Dole Whip products are fun, fruity and fresh. They are creamier than a typical sorbet with an intense fruit flavor. Dole Whip is vegan friendly which means they are made without dairy or other animal products. A trusted product which is enjoyed and well-loved worldwide.