Congratulations! You have taken the first critical and exciting steps toward starting  your own business and being your own boss. Finding products that you are passionate about, comparing various businesses, and evaluating investment risk versus reward will serve you well. 

You see, prior to becoming a multi-store owner and then the CEO and co-owner of   the Peachwave brand, I was in your shoes. I fondly remember evaluating various business opportunities as I was considering a change from corporate executive life after 17 wonderful years with GE. It was a big decision filled with anxious excitement   to take the first step toward an investment in my own business.


Then, I discovered Peachwave! My family began visiting frequently and it wasn’t long before we completely forgot about ice cream shops in the area. We had become addicted to the Peachwave experience. When I kept seeing “Peachwave” on our   credit card statements, it occurred to me that I could own my own stores. 

Initially, my vision was to serve a super-tasty, healthier product in a store where my community would enjoy creating their own masterpieces while making memories     with the ones they love. I’ll never forget how my first inquiry into Peachwave grew     my interest even further. The business model, HQ team and empowering philosophy were far more compelling than I had imagined versus other opportunities. Before I knew it, I had opened and was operating two successful Peachwave locations.


By then, I had developed a passionate desire for more people to discover what I experienced as a customer, and then as a store owner. So, early in 2015, I purchased the Peachwave brand and began my mission with the very same Peachwave team that inspired me from the beginning.

What could possibly excite me enough to go from a customer to an owner of the brand? Well, I hope this introduction guide gives you a “taste” of why Peachwave is truly a “deliciously better way”.