Allergen Statements

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt is aware that allergy sensitivity to certain ingredients found in food may be a serious concern for some customers.   We have taken every precaution to identify the most common allergens found in our yogurt products and have listed helpful information about them as follows.

MILK – Frozen yogurt is a dairy product and contains milk or milk derivatives.   The exception is our lactose free, non-dairy flavors including Dole Pineapple, Raspberry and Orange.

GLUTEN – Gluten sensitivity has become a more prominent concern as it has gained visibility in our society.  Most of our yogurt flavors are gluten free.  Here are the exceptions:  Caramel, Reduced Sugar Caramel, Cookies’n Cream, Mud Pie, Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Thin Mint Cookie and our White Cake Batter.

SOY – Soy Lecithin is found in our vanilla/chocolate based yogurt & gelato flavors.  Soy Lecithin is without soy protein which is where most soy allergies are found.  Most likely, people with soy allergies will not have allergic problems with any of our yogurt or gelato offerings.  However, if you want to be certain, select the Plain Tart, Fruit and NSA flavors which are soy free.

TREE NUTS - Tree Nut allergies can vary from person to person, but we have listed all yogurt flavors that may cause concern as follows:  Coconut, Eggnog (nutmeg), Peanut Butter (just being on the safe side), Nutella, Pistachio and Pumpkin Pie (nutmeg).

PEANUT – People who suffer with Peanut Allergies should stay away from our Peanut Butter, Pistacio & Nutella yogurt & gelato.

EGG – None of our current flavors contain egg.

TOPPINGS are excluded from these statements.  If you suffer from allergies, please take reasonable care to avoid those toppings that may be of concern to your particular condition.