Peachwave Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt is a specialty dessert and healthy snack retailer. We specialize in serving our customers made fresh daily micro-batches of delicious low fat frozen yogurt and gelato. We also carry a wide range of vegan/non-dairy and reduced sugar alternatives to meet every customers need.  Together with the booming trend in health-promoting foods, these offerings are recognized as a fantastic healthy dessert.


Peachwave was one of the first brands to begin using the frozen yogurt “self-serve” model.  Self-service is fun and interactive for the customer.  It is cost efficient and streamlined for the store Operator.  Customers are presented with an array of over a dozen non-fat or low-fat yogurt flavors, easily dispensable by the customer themselves.  They choose their own flavor combinations and then add fresh toppings from a wide variety of options.  Natural fruits, nuts, grains, and other fun toppings give every customer thousands of possible combinations while also satisfying essential dietary needs. This allows every serving to be unique to the customers' taste and results in a deeply satisfying personalized experience.

Peachwave Frozen Yogurt offers an alternative to fast-food establishments and other traditional specialty dessert retailers. Frozen yogurt is non-fat or low-fat, a good source of calcium and protein and contains probiotics which aid digestion.  The result is that Peachwave’s product and experience are loved by people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. 

The Way We Serve

The experience at Peachwave licensed stores is unique in the sense that every customer is completely in control of the product they purchase.  Due to each store’s self-serve format, the customer chooses their yogurt flavor(s), the quantity, and in what combination of toppings in a time-efficient way.  With multiple yogurt flavors available at any given time and generally over 60 toppings, the number of possible combinations is endless. This allows the customer an opportunity to create a unique arrangement that exactly suits their tastes and needs while guaranteeing an on-going variety to keep consumers coming back.